“We the People of All Nations”

“We the People of All Nations” are granted by our Creator, unalienable rights of  Life, Liberty, Happiness, Freedom, Property, and one planet on which to thrive, the Earth. But instead of  living in peace, and prosperity, we have been trained by the few to give away our power, and serve, obey, defend, fight, honour, and die for a dominant criminal mafia system, known as “government”.

Through generations of schemes, plots, murder, and massive campaigns of propaganda, they have infiltrated all forms of religions, banking, governments, and media. In order to control us, they have invented legal, yet unlawful rules, and created systems of control through military and police, who are brainwashed into lies of inequality and extremism, equipped with special torture and killing machines, then turned against the people. They have taught us to murder and subdue each other for their profit and pleasure.

Our lands, water,  food, oceans , and skies, have all been contaminated through military madness; polluting  and destroying without measure or accountability. Depleted uranium is commonly used, not only killing humans, but also land for generations to come, resulting in totally deformed life that cannot sustain itself. They have poisoned our minds, and trained us to do their dirty work, while experimenting on us, without our knowledge or consent, through the chemicals they add to our skies, water, air,  food, and pharmaceuticals, all in a vain attempt to keep us from seeing through this madness.

The Gulf of Mexico has been destroyed for profit. We pay for the war games and bombs set off in our oceans, and now in a ridiculous attempt to cover their destruction, they seek to tax us for breathing.

Water,  our birth right,  is being privatized and plundered through created ponzi schemes, in order to sell it back  to us at a premiums for profit. All of our resources are being stolen by  Governments, who are passing more unlawful, yet legal systems of  oppression, flaunting their riches in our faces, as they grant themselves billions of dollars in bonuses for manipulating us out of our homes  through gambling systems condoned on wall street. Corporate fascists are creating unbelievable wealth for themselves, and unlivable poverty for us.

Our intention at United We Strike is to empower each of us, individually, and unite us all in order to make our voices heard. We are the backbone of this tyranny, we are the soldiers, the pilots, the drivers, the workers, the father’s, mother’s, brother’s, and sister’s, who are giving our power away each and every day we enable these atrocities. We think we don’t have power, yet  we far outnumber the dominant criminal minority who have forced us into these positions. How will a few control the majority of the  population if we stop allowing ourselves to used? What will they do if we are not there to run their machines? Who will they control if we control ourselves?

“We the People of All Nations” only need 5 things. Clean air, clean water, healthy food, self sufficient neighbourhoods, and LOVE. We must love ourselves enough to stop being manipulated. We must love our children enough to protect their futures and the future of our planet. We must recognize that we can grant ourselves these 5 things, all of which have been tainted, taxed, and usurped by those we allow to control us. It is time to set aside our differences and rise to the occasion of saving ourselves, our children, our future, and most importantly our planet. War is not the answer, nor is obedience to those who profit from our poverty and misery. It is time to recognize that the lie of inequality is just that….a lie. We are ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE, and there is enough for all.

Educate yourselves. Prepare yourselves. Join us as we grow and connect globally in order to succeed in a massive movement of peaceful non-compliance. We are asking all people of the world to stand with us, for 3 consecutive days, April 15 -17, and simply stay home within your neighbourhoods and communities. NO participation in ANY CORPORATE ACTIVITIES WHATSOEVER. Prepare to be off the grid as much as possible. Buy food, water, survival supplies, seeds, solar panels, diesel, gas, candles….whatever you need. Our ancestor’s knew how to live off the land, to be self sufficient. We’ve been stripped of that knowledge in order to make us slaves to the system.

Imagine the power we truly do have. Imagine reclaiming your life and your future. Imagine changing the rules and changing the game. We outnumber them.

We can use this time to demand accountability. We can use this time to demand peace and immediately cancel out all banking debt and schemes. We can declare individual sovereignty, state sovereignty, and national sovereignty. We can recreate our world and our future by simply withdrawing our energy from systems that enslave us, and putting it into systems that sustain us.

Join us. Be part of the movement. January 15, 2011, we will debut United We Strike Radio, a place for Global Patriots to connect, meet, educate, and plan the solutions we need for our future, locally, and globally. Now is the time to get ready to rock the world.
You are not alone. www.unitedwestrike.com



About unitedwestrike

We are a worldwide initiative dedicated to restore freedom, peace and future for the human race on our Earth!
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