Supporter Testimonials

From Switzerland & Detlev

For me mankind is in danger! That is why I listened to my heart and my soul which had been inspired by God, my creator. Evil and Satan are more and more visible every day. They do display themselves in tyranny; the set up of a “New World Order” which is thought to be a tool of evil forces which are trying to surpress people all over the world, enslaving them and even killing them by all sorts of measures: poisoning food and water, chemtrailing, bio terrorism in vaccines, destroying society and family life, ruining the financial and economic structures and bringing war over all of us in planning and pursuing World War III. Now it is time that we use our God given abilities and take responsibility for our lives, our families, our children.” Join us in demonstrating the power of “We the People”

From America & Karen

I have always known that “We the People” are equal. None of us are better than others, some of us are more aware, more capable of certain feats, but not “better”. The lie of inequality is just that, a lie, yet for generations we’ve been trained to give away our power to those who believe that by Divine Right, they are destined to rule.

From an angry human of planet Earth

Life, Liberty, Happiness, Property, and Freedom are the birthright of all. However, just as in the days of ancient Rome, the majority of debt slaves, you and me, have forgotten we far outnumber those who oppress and distract us. Our world will change when we remember that the Divine Essence of Creation runs through us all equally. We are One, it’s time to unite and withdraw support from policies that are literally, killing us. We must save our world and create a future all of us can live with. Power to the People through Peaceful Unity.

From Matt, Oregon USA

It is plainly obvious that things in the world are very broken. The needs of the people have been answered with “solutions” that caused more problems than they were alleged to solve. More taxes… more control… more fraud… completely out of control…. None of it has made anyone any safer, more prosperous, healthier, happier, or provided any measure of benefit whatsoever. The people have been conditioned to be dependant on these corrupt and flawed systems. The powers in control would have people believe that resistance is futile and that there is no other way than theirs. What they don’t want you to see is the solution to all of this is actually very simple. Break the dependancy. People who wish to be free need to take responsibility for the things the criminals would have them dependant on the system for. Withdrawing support for all of this nonsense and breaking the dependancy is the only way to be free. Their control system depends on the people going along with it. When this is lost, their control is broken. The time is now. If you want to live a free and prosperous life without the government and corporate controls, just say no. It really is that simple. When we all unite and take a stand for the kind of world we want to see we will be unstoppable. Strength in numbers, and we have that by orders of magnitude. It is critical to be willing to sacrifice a little now to prevent losing everythng later. We didn’t get into this overnight, and its not likely we will get out of it overnight either. Don’t wait around for someone to come save you. It will not happen. It is time for each and every one of us to become the solution instead of the enabler of the problem.

Everyone wants their rights, but who is willing to accept their responsibilities?



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